Atlantic Ocean Jewelry

This Silver Anam Cara Pendant has Anam Cara written in the ancient Irish form of writing called Ogham on one side. On the reverse side it has a design made by casting the Silver into a mould made from Quartz Crystals from the nearby Beanna Beola Mountains.

Anam Cara Silver Pendant 2019

It's a New Year and we are already creating new designs from our Studio in Connemara. Each Anam Cara Silver Pendant is a unique design. Once it is sold we set about designing and making a new one. This year we are going to design and make a series of Anam Cara (Soul Friend) Rings and Earrings.

Unveiling 1916 Commemorative Plaque Again!

In 1949 my Grandfather Séamus Ó Murchadha unveiled a plaque to commemorate those that served under and with him in the 1916 Rising against the British Empire. He was Captain of the 4th Battalion stationed at Marrowbone Lane Distillery and served under Éamon Ceannt. This plaque went missing and turned up two years ago in the City West Hotel. It is now residing in Galway City Museum. Séamus Ó Murchadha's daughter Gráinne Uí Néill (now 96) unveiled the found plaque at Galway Museum on September 27- 2018

Silver Star and Planet Pendant

We've created a new Silver Star and Planet Pendant and it's available now at The design was inspired by watching the Stars and Planets one summer evening in Connemara at the Studio. These videos explain some of the Design Process. The music in the background is from the Pixies CD Surfer Rosa.
Magical Day In Connemara
Working on another King Ring at the Studio. This one was ordered by a descendant of Kings of Ireland, a member of the O'Neill clan!😁 You don't have to be a member of the O'Neill clan to order yours! Check out for our textured Kings Ring.